Practical Elegance. From Maine.

Back Cove Yachts is a sister company of Sabre Yachts and together these two yards are the largest recreational boatbuilding company in the state of Maine, where America’s first ships were built on the shores of the Kennebec River. This tradition of building ships that go to sea, which began in 1607, continues in Maine to this day. In 2003, a group of dealers requested a smaller Downeast-style cruising boat to suit the needs of owners who admired the look and feel of the Maine lobster boat and the dependability and fuel efficiency of a single diesel engine. The first model, the Back Cove 29 was launched and so was a brand. In the years that followed the Back Cove 26, Back Cove 33, Back Cove 37, Back Cove 30 and Back Cove 34 followed and today more than 500 Back Coves can be found on the oceans of the world, in harbors from Greece to Norway to Japan to Australia and New Zealand. In the USA boats, have found their way to almost every body of water, from the coasts to inland lakes. Back Cove Yachts are built by 100 of Maine’s finest boat builders in a modern 240,000 square foot facility in Rockland, Maine. They are extremely proud of their craft and they have the passion to build the finest, trouble-free yachts possible for their customers.

Back Cove 34O
Back Cove 372
Back Cove 39O
Back Cove 41